3 Effective Exercises for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition caused by arthritis or the natural process of aging. Symptoms typically worsen gradually but can cause extreme pain as the condition worsens. In addition to seeking help from pain management services, stenosis patients can try targeted exercise to relieve pain…

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Can Spinal Stenosis Make You Dizzy?

If you are dealing with debilitating back or spinal pain, it might be time to see a pain management specialist at St. Louis Pain Consultants. Our experienced physicians and medical team specialize in interventional pain management. We work tirelessly to find a treatment that will…

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Everything You Need to Know About Facet Syndrome and Pain Management

If you are dealing with unending and intense pain in your back and spine, you should contact a pain management specialist. St. Louis Pain Consultants specializes in pain management intervention strategies that work to lower the impact your pain has on your life. We work…

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Spinal Stenosis Walking Problems: Why?

If you are currently dealing with spinal or back pain, St. Louis Pain Consultants has a pain management doctor that can help. Our team specializes in interventional pain management and we strive to find a treatment that will help you get back on the path…

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What’s A Facet Joint and Could It Be Causing Your Chronic Neck Pain?

Millions of Americans today suffer from chronic pain in some way. One of the most common types of chronic pain is neck pain, which can be caused by facet joint syndrome. As you select pain management services, it’s important to find out the root cause…

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Six Signs of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is defined as the narrowing of the bony openings within your spine. These spaces, known as the foramen and the central canal, provide a protected passageway for spinal nerves and the spinal cord. When the spaces narrow, the delicate nerves may be compressed.…

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Everyday Activities to Avoid with a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc refers to the soft cushion or disc, which rests between each set of the vertebra that makes up the spine. When the cushion of the disc (nucleus pulposus) gets compressed by the bones around it, some of the jelly-like material inside can…

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Exercise and Pain Management for an Annular Disc Tear

Pain management. It is the number one reason people seek out the help of a professional PT (physical therapist) and a Pain Management consultant when dealing with a back injury. If you have been diagnosed with an annular disc tear you may have need of…

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Do You Suffer from Facet Joint Syndrome?

Are you someone who is suffering from back and neck pain and are unsure of how to manage the pain? To accomplish this, you first need to understand what is causing the pain when considering a pain management doctor. This type of pain typically comes…

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