Can Spine Disc Degeneration Cause Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis of the spine is very much related to spinal disc degeneration. Degenerative and torn discs can’t absorb shock, exerting significant force on the facet joints of your vertebrae. Proper pain management is required to reduce degeneration as such issues will worsen and affect your daily living. Below are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of spinal disc lesion and osteoarthritis:


1. Age

As you get older, joint deterioration happens, causing the discs that keep the spine stable by absorbing shock to weaken. The articular joints degenerate and slowly break down, causing inflammation and severe pain in your back. You become less flexible as a result, and a slight twist ruptures the spinal disc further.

2. Obesity

Facet joints are small compared to the body they carry. With the wear and tear happening subsequently, the cartilage is damaged and injured. The facet joints then break down and degenerate, causing pain.

3. Injury or Operation

You might have had an accident of some nature that affected your spine. You may have had a fall that resulted in disc tear or herniation, which can cause sciatica. Due to the physical injuries to your back, you can experience post-traumatic arthritis on your lower back, which is very painful.

4. Genetics

A small percentage of osteoarthritis has hereditary components. In this case, arthritis can appear and affect a person at a young age, causing damage to the cartilage. However, no single gene can cause osteoarthritis; rather, it is composed of various genes.  

5. Other Diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation and pain in the spine, resulting in back pain and stiffness. This type of arthritis can cause severe headaches, including all other symptoms already discussed above.


Symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • Back pain
  • Instability
  • Weakness of muscles
  • Joint swelling
  • Tenderness of the joint
  • Lump on your back
  • Protrusion

Do not DIY diagnosis when you notice these symptoms as your assessment may not be complete. Instead, consult your doctor for a check-up.

Treatment and Pain Management

You cannot reverse osteoarthritis, but pain management can help you recover your mobility and attend to daily activities. Your doctor may diagnose your condition by examining the affected joint’s swelling, tenderness, and flexibility. The physician can also do MRIs, CTs, X-rays, and blood tests to identify the location of the damage.

Post-Effects of Osteoarthritis and Spinal Lesions

Patients undergoing these abnormal effects may quickly lose a general quality of life. Results of osteoarthritis and spinal lesions include:

  • Restricted movement
  • Inability to perform daily activities
  • Possibility of spinal lesions being malignant
  • Loss of stamina and muscle tone
  • Fatigue, poor sleep, and anxiety
  • Social isolation and depression may occur

Get Your Diagnosis Now

Some cases of untreated osteoarthritis can cause chronic pain and even disability. If the diagnosis is done early enough then there is no cause for alarm as a pain management physician can control the condition. Remember life won’t get that bad if you seek help.

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