Why should I select St. Louis Pain Consultants for my pain management?

Dr. Ann Christopher is board certified in pain management specializing in interventional and non-interventional techniques for acute and chronic pain.  She draws from a multidisciplinary perspective, employs a wide range of treatment to help decrease the pain and increase the quality of life. Most pain procedures can be performed in the convenience of her office however for more advanced cases, Dr. Christopher has her own state-of-the-art surgery center where she can opt to perform your procedure.  St. Louis Pain Consultants is a leader in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area for safe, effective and high quality management of patient’s pain.

If I am a new patient, what is the waiting period to be seen?

Although our practice is extremely busy, we are welcoming new patients.  We are getting our new patients in to see Dr. Christopher within 2 weeks. Our new patient visit will last at least 30-minutes to get a comprehensive understanding of you and your health.

What insurance company contracts do you have in place?

St.  Louis Pain Consultants accepts payment from all major insurance companies like Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Healthlink and many more.  We also see MedicareTricare and Workers Compensation cases. If you present with an insurance payor that we have not previously contracted with, our intake coordinator and billing manager will work diligently with the payor to get pre-authorization and acceptable payment work out for you.  If you have any question, please give us a call.

What can I expect before and during my first visit?

  1. Physician Referral – When you contact our office for an appointment, it is necessary for you to provide us a referral from a physician. Copies of your previous medical records and any tests such as Xrays, MRIs, CT scans will also need to be provided prior to your visit.
  2. New Patient Paperwork – We highly recommend that you take the time to download and fill out the new patient information packet prior to your visit.  It will save waiting time.  Please be sure to bring a thorough list of all current medications/dosages you are taking (including vitamin supplements).  We will also need to have your insurance cards and pharmacy information.
  3. Copays and Patient Balances – Copays are expected upon check-in and all remaining insurance balances are to be paid at the time of your visit. Cash, check or credit card payments are accepted.
  4. Urine Drug Screening – It is a routine part of our practice to require urine drug screening for all of our new patients.  If any opioid prescriptions are issued, monthly urine drug screens will be required at follow-up visits.
  5. Physical Exam – In order to perform a full evaluation, a gown is required for all patients unless the pain only resides in the arms or legs.  Our providers will do a comprehensive evaluation.
  6. Canceling Appointments – A minimum of a 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations.  Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 no show / cancellation fee.

What is your experience with Workers Compensation patients?

  1. Here at St. Louis Pain Consultants, we are uniquely able to treat a wide range of Workers Compensation injuries.  Through conservative treatment many of these injuries are able to be treated without surgical intervention.  When needed, we provide the appropriate medications, injections, nerve blocks or EMG testing and arrange any further testing, therapy or referrals.
  2. Our Providers have many years of experience in the Workers Compensation environment which has allowed them to understand the complexities involved in treating an injured worker and returning him/her to regular work as quickly as possible.  Our team strives to keep the necessary parties fully informed of all developments and the doctors are available for phone consultations with the case managers.


Chronic pain is a complex process that requires a combination of treatments in order to achieve the best results.

It is important to see a Pain Management specialist when the usual treatments aren’t working. Anyone who has a pain problem which has not been eased with the help of your primary care doctor and the usual medications should be evaluated by St. Louis Pain Consultants. We are specially trained to treat various pain problems.  We treat a variety of pain problems and we realize that every patient’s pain is unique. Successful treatment depends upon a well- trained specialist who is familiar with many types of pain syndromes and is able to treat them depending on the cause.