Are NMES Devices Helpful For Spinal Lumbar Osteoarthritis

If you’re experiencing persistent pain in your back and neck regions, you should consult an experienced pain management dr to diagnose the condition. The physicians at St. Louis Pain Consultants are ready to help relieve your chronic pain.

Spinal lumbar osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that can cause lower back and neck pain. The condition occurs when the spine and discs separating the vertebra begin to degenerate.  The use of NMES devices can improve the pain associated with this condition. 

What Are NMES Devices?

NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) devices are special external devices that stimulate the nerves and muscles by sending electrical signals. The devices were initially designed for muscular disuse atrophy but have become helpful in treating various neuromuscular conditions. 

NMES devices apply electrical impulses to the nerves and muscles to initiate muscle contraction. They can strengthen the muscles supporting weakened joints and vertebras. NMES devices reduce pain, improve nerve function, increase blood circulation and aid natural healing.

Can NMES Devices Help With Spinal Lumbar Osteoarthritis?

NMES devices have many benefits for patients with spinal lumbar osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis. The external device sends electrical signals to the nerve, causing muscles to contract and then allow them to relax. Alternate contraction and relaxation can strengthen the muscles in the lumbar region, resulting in better support around vertebral joints. 

Spinal lumbar osteoarthritis wears down your vertebral joints and discs, causing pain, stiffness and mobility issues. Better muscle support can improve functionality and slow down the degenerative process. NMES devices can improve spinal lumbar osteoarthritis in other ways, including pain elimination and natural healing.

1.    Eliminating Pain

Pain is the primary symptom of spinal lumbar osteoarthritis. As the spine degenerates, the discs cushioning your vertebral bones shrink and become weak, affecting movement. The closeness between the bones can cause agonizing pain and inflammation. NMES devices primarily eliminate pain and can be used to take a break from pain-relieving medication.

2.    Aiding Natural Healing

Electrical stimulation of the nerves and muscles can improve blood circulation to the affected areas, aiding the natural healing process. Spinal lumbar osteoarthritis puts a lot of stress on the muscles and nerves around the affected vertebral joints, impacting circulation. NMES devices increase muscle contractions, enhancing circulation, nourishing and healing damaged parts.

3.    Reducing Muscle Spasms

Spinal lumbar stenosis piles the pressure on surrounding muscles that must work extra when vertebral joints degenerate. Spasms can result from trapped and pinched nerves. NMES devices increase muscle strength, regulate contractions and restore nerve function, effectively reducing spasms. The devices alleviate pain caused by the spasms.

Experienced Pain Management Dr in St Louis

Spinal lumbar osteoarthritis can make it impossible to carry out routine activities. Since the condition stems from natural degeneration, managing the pain and aiding healing processes is the best solution. NMES devices can help relieve pain and strengthen the muscles to slow down the degenerative process. A pain management physician who is experienced in NMES treatment is essential. 

At St Louis Pain Consultants, we specialize in treating chronic pain, including spinal issues and different types of arthritis. Our doctors will thoroughly examine your condition, identify the underlying cause, and create a custom treatment. We can manage and treat various forms of spinal osteoarthritis to help you live a fuller life without pain. Whatever its cause, chronic pain prevents many people from living the life they want. Chronic pain can make it challenging to do things you enjoy or spend time with the people you care about, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Pain management services like those provided by St. Louis Pain Consultants can help you overcome chronic pain.

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