How Many Chances Do You Get At Pain Management?

Coping with chronic pain on your own can be challenging. Every person’s experience differs which is why specialists provide a tailored pain management plan. At St Louis Pain Consultants, we are a trusted pain control facility that specializes in treating the causes of chronic pain. Depending on your situation, you may have multiple chances to try pain management.

Pain Management

Pain that lasts for several months is considered chronic pain. The pain may come and go, or you may feel it all the time. Chronic pain can occur anywhere in the body and usually interferes with daily activities like taking care of yourself, working, or having a social life.

Chronic pain can lead to trouble sleeping, depression, and anxiety, which makes the pain worse. Pain management practices first step is to identify the cause of pain. The treatment approach depends on factors like your overall health and age, the type of pain you’re experiencing, and the cause.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the source of pain, which may result in the use of imaging studies such as x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans. Effective treatment plans involve different strategies, including therapies, medications, and lifestyle changes.

Our physicians focus on providing effective therapy through an advancement program until our clients are satisfied with the pain relief. Identifying the source of pain and using a targeted treatment plan makes our approach highly successful.

We recognize that long-lasting pain has numerous potential causes and cures. No single cure can work best for every person, so we strive to identify the best treatment for you.

Does Chronic Pain Have a Cure?

Chronic pain may not always have a direct cure and often individuals who experience chronic pain may not know the direct cause.  Pain management physicians specialize in identifying the cause and providing effective treatment/management options. Treatment can often stop or at least improve the pain severity.

Pain management physicians use a combination of treatment therapies, lifestyle changes and sometimes medication to lessen or help control pain. Many injuries or conditions may cause chronic pain and there can be several risk factors involved. Risk factors may include:

Genetics: Some causes of chronic pain, such as migraines, may run in your family, which means the cause of the pain is genetic.

Age: With the aging process, chronic pain from neuropathy, arthritis, and general deconditioning often occurs. 

Obesity: Obesity may worsen some health conditions that result in pain due to the extra pressure on the joints.

Traumatic Injuries: A previous injury may lead to chronic pain in the future.

We offer individualized care using state-of-the-art therapeutic and diagnostic treatments. Our goal is to prevent long-term disability, relieve pain, and help you reach your ideal activity level.

Get Help From a Pain Management Facility

When pain becomes an issue, it’s time to book an appointment at a pain management facility. St Louis Pain Consultants specializes in identifying and treating the causes of chronic pain. Our advanced training in pain treatment has qualified us to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate those experiencing chronic pain. Contact us today to start the process and begin feeling better. 

If you are living with chronic pain, seek help from St. Louis Pain Consultants.

We want to help remind you what life without pain feels like.

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