A Comprehensive Approach

We offer the latest approaches and technologies to help you feel better. If your condition requires treatment beyond standard medicines and therapy, specialized procedures and alternative therapies are available.

Don't Let Pain Limit Your Life

About Us

St. Louis Pain Consultants specializes in Interventional Pain Management. Our advanced training in pain treatment has enabled us to help diagnose, treat and rehabilitate those suffering with chronic pain.

It is estimated that over 50 million people in the U.S. alone live with chronic pain caused by accidents, diseases or disorders. It can be time consuming and difficult for chronic pain sufferers to find sufficient relief. Chronic pain has many causes and possible treatments. No single treatment works best for everyone, so we will work to find the best possible treatment for you!


At St. Louis Pain Consultants our goal is to provide effective treatments through a progression program until sufficient pain relief is reached. Pinpointing the source of pain and utilizing a targeted treatment plan makes our approach highly successful.

We understand that you may have been in pain for quite some time. We want to help remind you what life without pain feels like. It takes time, patience, and a multi-disciplinary approach to bring about desired relief but when the program we create is followed; we have a high success rate.

Pain Medications

Our providers believe that medications can serve a crucial role with the relief of pain and will utilize all solutions possible. Every patient is different and we work with each one to establish an individualized, compressive plan, to achieve maximum relief.