Different Types of Chronic Pain Treatments

Chronic pain can affect daily activities, sleep, and reduce quality of life. Pain management techniques help reduce suffering by using medications, therapies, or a combination of both. St Louis Pain Consultants is a pain management clinic specializing in treating the causes of chronic pain. Here are some different types of chronic pain treatments: 

Drug Therapies 

Chronic pain can happen in any part of the body and range in severity. Milder forms might find relief from over-the-counter options. For more severe cases, doctors could prescribe stronger medications. 


Over-the-counter options for chronic pain management include acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These help relieve muscle and stiffness pain and reduce inflammation. Topical products such as sprays, creams, or lotions may provide temporary relief from sore muscles and arthritic pain.  


When over-the-counter drugs aren’t sufficient, a doctor may prescribe stronger muscle relaxants or stronger painkillers. Chronic pain can often affect sleep and heighten stress. A patient could benefit from anti-anxiety, antidepressants, or sleep aids in these cases. 


Targeted steroid injections help reduce swelling and inflammation, which causes pain. A doctor will determine if this option is appropriate and what type of steroid injection should be used. Steroid options might include a trigger point injection, nerve block, cortical steroid injections, depending on the type and source of pain. St Louis Pain Consultants offers injection options to treat pain from inflammation or arthritis and other specialized injection therapies to treat specific chronic pain conditions. 

Surgical Implants 

Surgical implants for pain control are available. They are typically performed when other therapy options have not been successful and may include iFuse implants or spinal cord stimulation. We offer the iFuse torq implant, a printed medical device to help stabilize your joint, and the spinal cord stimulation places electrodes close to the nerves to block pain signals. As a trusted pain management clinic, St Louis Pain Consultants uses a five or six-day trial of spinal cord stimulation before deciding if it’s the right long-term solution for a patient. 

Bioelectric Therapy

Bioelectric therapy blocks pain signals to the brain and encourages the body to produce endorphins instead, helping reduce uncomfortable sensations. Back pain, muscle pain, migraines, arthritis, and other conditions can benefit from bioelectric therapy. As a temporary pain reliever, many pain treatment providers will recommend it as part of a complete treatment plan, not a standalone solution. 

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Chronic pain treatment plans will utilize physical therapy to improve function and mobility, reduced by long-term pain. Professional physical therapists use special stretching and strength techniques to increase movement. Regular exercise also helps improve muscle tone, strength, and flexibility and releases endorphins. A pain management plan might include recommendations for chronic pain-friendly exercise options such as yoga, swimming, biking, or walking. 

Find A Pain Management Clinic

Chronic pain is a long-term condition that can benefit from specialist care. Ask your primary care physician about using a pain management clinic and research options that accept your insurance. St Louis Pain Consultants provides pain management solutions at our center, and we specialize in interventional pain management. Contact us with any questions and book an appointment to find your treatment plan today.

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